Advocate of evil: Biden is complicit with Israel

Oct 19, 2023
Damage in Gaza Strip during the October 2023 intensive bombing by Israeli aircraft. Date 10 October

As reported in the New York Times, US President Joe Biden has accepted the summons from his master and will be in Israel to physically manifest his full support for the further enhanced genocidal assault against the people of Gaza which Israel has publicly announced its intention to launch.

Unless he has received prior assurances that Israel will not be proceeding with its planned all-out land, air and sea assault, which is extremely unlikely to be the case, Biden’s visible embrace of the horrors to come is profoundly and recklessly contrary to the genuine interests of the people of the United States, the Global West and even Israel.

As a matter of global perceptions, as well as potential criminal liabilities under international law, Biden will be confirming the co-belligerent status of the United States in Israel’s “war” and will be complicit in all Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity to come. His perceived blessing of the further planned horrors will inevitably fire up the hatred of the United States and Americans among the people of the Muslim world and, indeed, much of the Global South.

If the assault as publicly previewed is indeed launched, presumably soon after Biden leaves the region, it will be virtually impossible for Hezbollah not to open a second front in the north with far more deadly and extensive weaponry than Hamas possesses, at which point it will be virtually impossible for the two American aircraft-carrier battle groups now stationed in the eastern Mediterranean, officially to deter Hezbollah from interfering with Israel’s planned assault, not to start firing their weaponry at Lebanon, at which point all Americans in the Muslim world would be well advised to flee to safety as soon as they can.

The only slim hope of avoiding the currently programmed catastrophe is that, with each passing day, Israelis’ rage for revenge may be slightly moderated by reason and Israel’s leaders may themselves decide, after careful reflection and notwithstanding their macho promises of genocidal slaughter and mass expulsions, that it would better serve their own interests and those of their country to deem the horrors already inflicted on the people of Gaza an adequate collective punishment for their perceived sins, to cease fire and to start negotiating, presumably through third parties, a humane prisoner exchange, now including the 680 West Bank Palestinians arrested as counter-hostages since October 7.

In this context, the longer Biden stays in the region, potentially, the better.

This hope is excruciatingly slim, but it is the only hope.

Hospital massacre update

After today’s Israeli bombing of a major Gaza hospital that killed over 500 Palestinian civilians and as the capitals of Arab capitals are filled with enraged people demanding strong action against Israel and America, King Abdullah of Jordan has cancelled the planned “summit” with the American, Egyptian and Palestinian presidents.

If Biden renews his passionate public embrace of evil, he will earn for himself and his country the condemnation and contempt of all decent people in the world.

German Chancellor Olav Scholz, who was in Israel to “express solidarity with Israel”, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, French President Emanuel Macron and other Western leaders who have been expressing unconditional support for occupation, apartheid and genocide should also rapidly and radically revise and reverse their own advocacy of evil.

If they do not, the isolation of the Global West from the Global Majority, evident during NATO’s proxy war against Russia, is destined to be accentuated and become irreversible — and rightly so.

Postnote: The NEW YORK TIMES has also offered the following news item today: “Israel has asked the United States for $10 billion worth of emergency aid, according to three officials familiar with request. Lawmakers and the White House are crafting a package linking assistance to Israel with aid to Ukraine, funds to fortify the U.S.-Mexico border and aid to Taiwan.” Clearly, it is anticipated that further aid to Ukraine, difficult to achieve in the House as a stand-alone matter, should sail through Congress if it is linked to a further tribute payment to Israel. One may legitimately wonder why Israel has not requested $100 billion. Can anyone imagine that Israel’s loyal and obedient servants in Congress and the White House would have said no?

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