Alcohol is a bigger problem than ice.

Apr 11, 2015

In the Herald Sun on April 8, 2015, Jeff Kennett, the former premier of Victoria, said that it was time to stop the promotion of alcohol. See link to article below.

In this article he says ‘If it is good enough to ban the advertising of tobacco products, if it is good enough to make the wearing of seat belts compulsory, surely if the serious about family violence, the road toll, our crime rate, it is time to ban the promotion of alcohol. … The time has come to do what we have done for tobacco – ban all advertising of alcohol products and ban all sponsorships by alcohol companies.

Todd Harper, the CEO of Cancer Council of Victoria tells us in The New Daily of April 10 that ‘There is already a complete ban on alcohol advertising in sport in France and there have been moves to phase out alcohol sponsorship in sport from Ireland, the UK and South Africa.‘  John Menadue

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