I will not wish my life away,

But Twenty-Twenty I can say,

Was the worst I can recall,

Not just for me, but for us all.

Who would have thought something unseen,

Could stalk the world, like Covid Nineteen?

A million dead. How many more?

Loyal employees shown the door.

Seeking the old, both rich and poor.

The White House and the girl next door.

Mighty airlines brought to their knees.

Thousands of cruisers no longer at sea.

Quarantine haunting those who might meet,

No social gatherings in the street,

Theatres and concerts in despair,

Football matches in empty air.

Hospitals, nursing homes, isolation,

Families in desolation.

Millions left bereft in mourning,

Looking to the New Year dawning.

My New Year wish for everyone,

Is that Twenty-Twenty-One,

Will earn its place in history,

As the year of the Vaccine Victory.

Happy New Year.


Andrew Ailes is based in London and had a long career in foreign television news.

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