Australian Prime Minister referred to ICC for complicity in genocide

Mar 6, 2024
Anthony Albanese

“The Australian government and its most senior officials have both failed to prevent or respond to the genocide committed by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza and been complicit in the carrying out of this genocide in a manner which falls squarely within Article 25 (3)(c) and/or (d) of the Rome Statute of the ICC,” state Birchgrove Legal in a communiqué to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

One of the great failures of our media has been their almost complete lack of coverage of the International Court of Justice finding and orders. Consequently the public have been largely unaware of both the World Court’s decision and the obligations Australia has that flow from that decision as a signatory to the Genocide Convention.

Albanese and Wong’s silence on the decision has allowed the media to comfortably ignore it.

Now, the Australian Prime Minister has become the first Western leader to be referred to the International Criminal Court for complicity in genocide. Many of us have been warning him and the Foreign Minister about this in every way we could.

View the full Communiqué to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Under Article 15 of the Rome Statute submitted by Birchgrove Legal below:

Conduct of members of the Parliament of Australia, in relation to the situation in Gaza, Palestine: Accessorial Liability for genocide.” March 4, 2024.



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