Australians disappointed because they thought they elected a Labor government – Weekly Roundup

Dec 2, 2023
We need to do a bit of work on housing

The grand housing cartel, a couple from Point Piper resurrect Gough Whitlam’s ideas on urban development, CPI data confirms that the RBA can declare itself redundant, Australians disappointed because they thought they elected a Labor government. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.


Alan Kohler reveals the dirty secrets about housing policy, using lots of graphs. Lucy and Malcolm Turnbull explain why Campbelltown, Logan, Broadmeadows and Noarlunga don’t resemble Paris very closely – but they could with the right policies.

Other economics

CPI data reveals that inflation is somewhere between plus and minus 3 percent, but the Reserve Bank will surely find an excuse to stifle the economy. How 45 percent of Australians can cut spending without reducing their standard of living. Explaining different countries’ economic performance: we’re really all boringly similar. The RBA may not know how monetary policy works but do you?


How Geert Wilders appeals to so many Netherlanders, even though he’s to the right of Angus Taylor. Opinion polls – voters feel duped because they thought they elected a Labor government. Independent research predicts that the last Coalition voter will die on 30 February 2032, give or take a few years. What the polls reveal about Labor-Coalition joint interests. The Voice vote analysed: we’re not racists, but Dutton made it so hard to know what the referendum was about.

True crime stories

Who we’re locking up and how much it costs – spoiler: putting people in the slammer is rather expensive. Gender-related violence. Why Chianti and Prosecco drinkers rarely murder one another.

Public ideas

Forget about the left and the right; think rather about identity versus universalism. How even the most careful journalists legitimize the far right. How Eichmann fooled us all – he really was a nasty person and not just a shipping clerk. The allure of easy solutions.

Summer music

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