Australia’s destructive housing inequality – Weekly Roundup

Apr 13, 2024
Fix housing, hold Australia together

Housing inequality has put Australia on a destructive trajectory, how the Coalition blocks economic reform, Australia’s changing politics played out in Tasmania. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Our road to destructive inequality

Inequality is manifest in many domains, and is leading to a breakdown in social cohesion and to intergenerational disadvantage: this is most clearly manifest in housing. Contrary to the idea that property-owners enjoy the ride of rising house prices, whatever their means Australians want to see governments stabilize or reduce house prices.

Other economics

The government promises an economic transformation extending well beyond the bounds of what is known as “industry policy”. Competition policy is about more than supermarkets. Hypocrisy in Australia’s treatment of multinational taxation.


Tasmania’s new Parliament: do the Liberals not understand how Australia’s political landscape has changed? Worldwide democratic backsliding continues, and the fragility of Australia’s democracy is exposed. How to deal with those who hold conspiracy theories. The politics of immigration.

Public ideas

Obituaries for a psychologist who made economists look at the real world. How to raise bullies.

Uplifting celebration in a supermarket


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