Australia’s handling of the war in Gaza

Jun 9, 2024
Australia's Handling of the War in Gaza.

A catastrophe is unfolding in Gaza right now – with terrible ramifications for Australia. It’s an issue no citizen of this country can ignore.

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It’s a conversation we urgently need to have.

We’re all aware of the indescribable suffering of the Palestinian people, politics at its lowest ebb inside Israel, the anxieties of Jewish people everywhere, the deliberate weakening of the United Nations, the persistent disrespect of international law, continuing war crimes, and the palpable danger of a widening regional conflict.

And this is not all. The damaging effects are being felt right across Australia:

• Jewish-Palestinian tensions are rising to boiling point
• We are seeing horrific tales of Islamophobia and rising antisemitism
• Our cultural institutions (including writers and other festivals) are torn by tensions, and accusations that they are silencing the legitimate expression of opinion
• Our mainstream media have been found wanting in their coverage and analysis of events at home and abroad – high quality journalism is under threat as never before
• Our universities have seen growing student protests, followed by heavy-handed responses by management, and in schools, clumsy attempts to police teacher expressions of opinion
• And both major political parties and the parliament are seemingly paralysed by fear and irrelevant point scoring.

This is why Big Ideas in the Pub is taking up this issue next Thursday.

Thursday 13 June, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm AEST

The Castle Hotel, 53 Courtney Street, North Melbourne

Please join us for serious conversation in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere – and invite your friends, better still organise a table.

Joseph Camilleri

Convener, Conversation at the Crossroads

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