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Osmond Chiu is a Research Fellow at the Per Capita thinktank.

One of the biggest open secrets in Australian public policy-privatisation has failed (Canberra Times, 27 July 2020)

Australians hate privatisation. It is politically toxic and has brought down governments on both the political left and right.

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Confronting anti-Asian racism shows Australia’s commitment to democratic values.

The question of whether there has been an increase in anti-Asian racism has become a political football between Australia and China. Claims that China‚Äôs warnings are politically motivated and that COVID-19 related racism is on the rise are not mutually … Continue reading

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OSMOND CHIU. What should Australia do about its politics being too white? (China Matters 25.2.2020)

Australian politics is too white. It is less diverse than comparable countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. This is embarrassing.

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