Richard Herr

Richard Herr is the Academic Director of Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure Course at the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania.


  • The Tasmanian State Election in the rear view mirror

    The Tasmanian election is over but it is far from over. The key questions of who will form Government and will it command a majority in Parliament have been settled. Liberal Premier Peter Gutwein has won and he will have a majority. Yet, a more fundamental question will hang in the air for some time Continue reading »

  • The Tasmanian 2021 Election: Down the Final Stretch

    Entering the final week of campaigning, the absence of regular and focused polling makes predicting the likely outcome almost as opaque today as when the snap poll was called a month ago.  However, this uncertainty might not be resolved by better opinion polling over the course of the campaign.  This can be illustrated by the Continue reading »

  • 2021 Tasmanian State Election Overview

    Less than a fortnight into the campaign, the 2021 Tasmanian state election already has voters astonished and bewildered with party infighting, candidate ticket instability, policy backflips amongst other features undermining public trust on full display. Of which are compounded by the blatant political opportunism in the timing of the election date which the Government has Continue reading »

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