BBC & ABC threatening hearts and minds

Dec 24, 2020

Apropos the times, in Covid-Speak government propaganda and lies spread by compliant media are a war-mongering contagion and the only vaccine is the Truth.. and where do you get it?  At principled alternative media sites like Pearls & Irritations. They save lives.

The BBC and the ABC have become dangerous to democracy and humanity. When I was a kid, the posh britishness of the BBC oozed trust but something’s happened to its credibility post Iraq war. Pilger gives a clue to the happening – the hankering for the resurgence of the brutish glory days of the British empire (albeit on the coattails of the US empire);

“Not a year has passed since peace was declared in 1945 that Britain has not sent military forces to fight the wars of empire.

Not a year has passed when countries, mostly poor and riven by conflict, have not bought or have been “soft loaned” British arms to further the wars, or “interests”, of empire.” 

Ever devoid of originality, moral fortitude and vision, Australia has mimicked Mother England’s blind ceding of its moral sovereignty to USA imperialism which, ironically, is in its death throes as its economy and society self-destructs.

Notwithstanding, the BBC and its sidekick the ABC are doing their bit to promote US interests by spruiking the venom of the US smear campaign this time against China.

On 15-12-20, The Drum shared the BBC report and surprisingly Fanning didn’t choke on asserting the evidence of China’s enslavement of Ughyur cotton pickers was ‘irrefutable’. Australia’s condemnation led by the US funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) smacks of hypocrisy: the colonial enthusiasm for slavery and stolen-never-compensated wages of Indigenous workers and the blackbirding of  Pacific Islanders prevails in today’s enslavery and exploitation of Uber Eats drivers, foreign students, fruit pickers and seasonal workers.

The Uyghur ‘scandal’ is swallowed uncritically, but is it fair dinkum? You won’t find the answer in mainstream media, however Andre Vltchek’s March of the Uyghurs challenges and unmasks the destabilisation of China high on the US/UK save-our-empire agenda.

For me, Palestine activism has long ago determined anything reported by the BBC/ABC is propaganda.

Back in September 2010, the ABC Foreign Correspondent’s showing of the BBC Panorama’s highly controversial ‘documentary Death in the Med was a deliberate decision to deliver pro-Israeli bias and misinformation to the Australian public about the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara ship that led the Gaza humanitarian flotilla. The ABC knew the BBC had received countless protests regarding its duplicity.

The BBC had cast aside its “main responsibility is to provide impartial public service broadcasting” by distorting the truth into a fantasy that morphed trigger-happy Israeli commandoes into VICTIMS! 

When in fact, at 4 a.m inside international waters the Jewish commandoes slaughtered nine unarmed Turkish humanitarians one of whom was a young 19 year-old Turkish American student. No US protest was forthcoming. In the illegal raid, five Australians, including Paul McGeough were kidnapped but no protest from the Australian government was forthcoming. No intelligent condemnation of  propaganda and media cover-up from MediaWatch was forthcoming. 

That the BBC has waded up to its neck into the Zionist mire of war crimes coverups was brazenly obvious in its strident sham slurs of anti-semitism against Corbyn and the Labour Party in its Panorama documentary, Is Labour Anti-Semitic?

“Labour’s 28-page complaint to the BBC said the episode of Panorama did not meet the broadcaster’s standards because of “the tendentious and politically slanted script; the bias in the selection of interviewees; and the failure to identify the political affiliations or records of interviewees in a highly controversial, sensitive and contested subject produced a programme that was a one-sided authored polemic”.

The bogus anti-semitism accusations spouted by the BBC and the ABC are yet another variation of the theme of Israeli Victimhood. The milking of antisemitism and the Holocaust to ensure Israel’s impunity for atrocities dishonours real victims of real antisemitism.

The consequences of such BBC and ABC state-sponsored lies are catastrophic and criminal; our democracy is sabotaged and real victims, in the zionist matter, real Palestinian families suffer and die.

As for Australia belligerently stirring the hornet nest of China trade, no-one has yet considered the dire economic consequences if China decides to go down the cutting-exports-track whereby the majority of (mainly LNP voting) non-food retail businesses will go broke. Everything is pretty much made in China thanks to the profit-obsessed greed of western capitalists that shifted local manufacture to China. Australia, then will clone the dire forthcoming USA’s economic implosion.

At the interface of the old American Century and the new Chinese century, our government has to choose which mode of winning hearts and minds is in the best interests of all present and future Australians – the violent USA/Israel military Shock and Awe or China’s non-violent One Belt One Road infrastructure initiative.

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