BOB CARR supports Pearls and Irritations.

Apr 14, 2020

Pearls & Irritations is unique, indispensable, provocative and refreshing. It really does make a difference. That is because of the people who read it and their influence on ideas. It needs support at a critical time and when Australia needs to hear its tone of voice in our conversations more than ever.

Bob Car was former NSW Premier and Commonwealth Minister for Foreign Affairs .

From John Menadue.  Please make a financial contribution to help  keep Pearls and Irritations independent, free to all subscribers and free of advertising.

WE need to raise about $1750 per week.This will help ease our workload,provide more technical backup and support and promote Pearls and Irritations to a wider audience.  Over 300 of our subscribers have generously contributed.

Could you help? See ‘CONTRIBUTE’ in Right Hand Column of home page or at the bottom of this email.

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