Bob Carr: US must not go to war with China over Taiwan

Jul 3, 2023
Flag of the People's Republic of China. Flag of the United States. Taiwan flag.

“If the worst thing that faces the people of Taiwan would be what prevails in Hong Kong today, then we haven’t got a cause for war. … Hong Kong still has substantially its own system and if that were the outcome that applied in Taiwan, then I can live with that,” says former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr in an interview with Mark Bouris.

How do we best navigate the complexities of war and diplomacy in a world fraught with geopolitical tensions and escalating rivalries?

Bob Carr is the longest-serving Premier of New South Wales and a former Minister for Foreign Affairs under the government led by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Carr joins Mark Bouris on Straight Talk to unpack the potential consequences of a US-China conflict, how Australia can help best maintain global stability, and what we can do to avert the spectre of war.

Watch the full interview:

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