Breaking: Australian journalist attacked at violent Jerusalem Day march

Jun 6, 2024
Israelis wave national flags during a march marking Jerusalem Day, an Israeli holiday celebrating the capture of east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war, in front of the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City, Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Image:AAP/AP Photo/Leo Correa

Australian ABC TV journalist Alison Horne was attacked  and she and her crew were verbally abused by Israelis participating in the Jerusalem Day march in what is the Muslim quarter, chanting “death to Arabs and singing songs about burning Arab villages down.”

Muslims were cleared from the area for the march which took place under the Israeli occupation armies’ protection.

While the massacre of civilians in Gaza continues and aid groups warn of hunger and conditions that they describe as ‘apocalyptic’, Israeli settlers continue to claim more and more land in the West Bank amid increasing violence towards Palestinians.

The IDF has also targeted and killed over 100 journalists in Gaza.

The message and determination of those participating in the show of supremacy in occupied East Jerusalem is clear: This was given to us, they were not supposed to be here.

Under international law, East Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian Territories.

ABC News has captured the footage and experience of their own journalists at the scene:

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