BREAKING: Horrendous images of burnt children after Israel bombs Rafah refugee camp [Graphic content]

May 27, 2024

Hours ago Israel bombed a refugee camp in Rafah, an area Israel designated as safe four days ago, setting it ablaze – tents housing families and including the UNRWA office.

You won’t see images of the horror visited on scores of people who have been killed though we can’t know exactly how many yet. The anodyne images of a fire in the mainstream media belie its consequences.

The video material and images below have been captured by refugees on their mobile phones and uploaded on platforms X, Tik Tok and others. They are of the charred bodies of children and a child whose head has been blown off. They are graphic but it is important to see the actual consequences of Israel’s continued assault on Rafah, in defiance of ICJ rulings and likely ICC arrest warrants. This massacre will add to the substantial evidence already presented.

It is also important we see the full horror because our leadership needs to be held to account for their silence – there has been no condemnation of Israel’s genocidal acts, and a failure to take strong measures well within our means as we are compelled to do as signatories to the Genocide Convention.

Will this massacre be a turning point as Sharpeville was in 1960?

View live tweet.

View the above video

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Warning: Graphic image from the above post @Sulaiman Ahmed




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