CATHY WILCOX. Standing by our trusted ally. (SMH 23.8.2019)


In the face of destabilising provocation.

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3 Responses to CATHY WILCOX. Standing by our trusted ally. (SMH 23.8.2019)

  1. Charles Lowe says:

    Your sentence may well be one-dimensional as compared with your two dimensional cartoons. But it isn’t.

    It too is two-dimensional – thanks to its depth!

  2. John Doyle says:

    Pretty disgraceful really. That we fall in with our “friend” the USA may have been sensible once, it certainly at best is a mixed bag today. Over this past 30 years the US economy has descended into a Predatory Capitalist economy, sowing chaos everywhere it interferes, and that is in many places.
    China is much more welcomed as a counterforce, though caution should apply there as well. Venezuela shows that although it is in a ruinous economy today. It has not yielded and once the sanctions are lifted will recover soon enough. Russia has saved Syria and Venezuela and may save Europe too [maybe]. The USA is on the wane, which means it will double down at first, so we need to tread carefully. Morrison is not yet looking capable, so fingers crossed!

  3. Anthony Pun says:

    “My country right or wrong” can now be re-scripted to “My ally right or wrong”.

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