Cavan Hogue. Malcolm Turnbull, COAG and media confusion.

Apr 4, 2016

Turnbull knew what he was doing.
The media has turned on Malcolm Turnbull who is accused of ignorance. Media views seem to change even more often than political promises.  However,surely the PM knew why he called the meeting with the states. He knew they would reject it which is what he want​ed ​them to do. He now claims the moral high ground in denying their requests for money. Opinions will differ on whether this was a good decision but only time will tell if it worked -​whatever the media seesaw comes up with next.
Politics has always been a rough business because only people with strong egos go into it so we should not be surprised at the jealousy and infighting that goes on. The electoral mob is fickle but so it would seem is the press and it remains to be seen whose judgment is better.

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