Changes at Pearls & Irritations

Feb 13, 2022

From Tuesday 15 February  Michael West Media and Pearls & Irritations will be going separate ways.

Over the last 2 years Michael West Media has been contracted to produce and support the publishing of Pearls & Irritations.

In that period, the editorial content and the production of Pearls & Irritations has resulted in wider acceptance, influence and growth in readership. In this Michael West and his team have been significant contributors.

With the arrangement with Michael West Media expiring in a few days, Susie and I have been putting in place alternative production and IT arrangements.  We are very pleased with the progress in this, although the next few weeks may be a little ‘bumpy’.  We hope that our readers, subscribers and supporters will bear with us in the transition.

Our objective remains the same, to present quality articles, particularly in light of the failure of the mainstream media in Australia. A most obvious failure is our main stream media’s preoccupation with the news and views coming out of Washington and London. Our media has a colonial mind set.

Pearls and Irritations will remain independent. We will have no paywall. We will not accept advertising.

Susie and I wish Michael West Media best wishes as we go our separate ways.

John Menadue

Owner, Publisher and Editor

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