Chinese tourists turn their backs on Oz

Jun 8, 2023
4 young Chinese on bridge Melbourne.

The evidence is now in – Chinese tourists are largely boycotting Australia.

See the chart below which compares annual visitations from different countries in the year to March 2023 with those from the same countries in the year to March 2019 (well before the pandemic).

Tourism is picking up from most countries, especially India which is enjoying a love affair with Australia. But not China, Hong Kong, or Malaysia (where Chinese Malaysians form the second-largest ethnic group after the Malay majority). Singapore is the exception.

China used to be our main source of visitors – indeed the whole Australian tourist industry was geared to them. China now ranks along with Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Germany as a secondary source of tourists.

The numbers of tourists from New Zealand, UK, USA, and Singapore are quickly recovering to their previous levels. India is already there. But the former biggest provider of visitors – China – is now a bit player. Why is that so?

Perhaps we are no longer viewed by Chinese people (outside Singapore) as a friendly destination.


Read the full analysis of Australia’s tourist intake in The New Daily

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