CHRIS DENNIS. A burning country.

Our country hangs its head in shame.

Summer months of scorching sand,
Fires blaze across our land.
Mercury up over forty,
Ministers stay stiffly haughty.

Sunburnt Country long forgotten,
Water used to irrigate cotton.
Judith Wright would sigh and weep,
At broken land with cracks so deep.

Raging flames that travel fast,
Houses burn with folk aghast.
Weather turns and comes to rob them,
Sceptics say there is no problem!

Look upon the western sky,
Lands below withered dry.
Smokey haze and eerie gloom,
Smell of ash in every room.

Evening sun with crimson glow,
Frightening feel as hot winds blow.
Leaders talk of economics,
Is the Prime Minister reading comics?

And time moves now with quickened pace,
The entire planet has a changing face.
Our precious kids will feel the pain,
Our country hangs its head in shame.

Chris Dennis is an Associate Dean and  Physician at Royal North Shore Hospital.


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4 Responses to CHRIS DENNIS. A burning country.

  1. Peter Sommerville says:

    Frankly I think it is a very ordinary poem, based on false premises, and a blinkered view of history. I seriously wonder how much real experience Chris has with the Australian bush and its bushfire history. How much experience and knowledge does he have with our droughts, let alone our floods?

    Dorethea MacKellar’s poem is infinitely better.

  2. Trevor Parmenter says:

    Spot on Chris!!

  3. Ted Egan says:


    Any relation to CJ?

  4. Ian Webster says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem and so did my family.

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