David Goodman and others – An Open letter to the New Government on relations with China

May 26, 2022
China and Australia flags
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To Prime Minister Albanese and Foreign Minister Wong,

In the spirit of new opportunities represented by your election, we would like to offer the following thoughts on our country’s relationship to the People’s Republic of China.

The change in government presents the opportunity for a circuit breaker in the poor diplomatic relations that have developed between Australia and China in the recent past. As professors of China Studies who undertake research on various aspects of China’s society and politics, we acknowledge that the new government is likely to avoid the over-aggressive approach of its predecessor. In our view less public aggression is likely to be more effective in dealing with China:  international engagement should replace the language of war.

The growth of China as a significant regional and would-be global power is bound to be disruptive. Two-way communication not ‘megaphone diplomacy’ is needed so that the changing environment is managed as effectively as possible. In particular, a China policy informed as much by diplomatic and economic interests as by great power strategic concerns may well and more sustainably ensure Australia’s national and economic security. While appreciating the tremendous difficulties ahead we urge this adjustment in approach to China.

Vivienne Bath, Professor of Law, University of Sydney.

Jocelyn Chey, AM, Visiting Professor of Chinese Studies, University of Sydney

Louise Edwards, Emeritus Professor University of New South Wales

Mobo Gao, Professor of Chinese, University of Adelaide

Jane Golley, Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

David S G Goodman, Professor and Director, China Studies Centre, University of Sydney

Yingjie Guo, Professor of Chinese Studies, University of Sydney

Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business and Management, University of Sydney

Ben Hillman, Professor and Director, Centre on China in the World, Australian National university

James Laurenceson, Professor of Economics and Director Australia China Relations Institute, UTS

Kam Louie, Honorary Professor of Chinese Studies, University of New South Wales

Wanning Sun, Professor of Media and Communications, UTS

Sue Trevaskes, Professor of Chinese Studies, Griffith University

Mark Yaolin Wang, Professor and Director Centre for Contemporary China Studies, University of Melbourne

Anthony Welch, Professor of Education, University of Sydney


Further comment may be obtained from one of the following:
Lousie Edwards   louise.edwards@me.com

David S G Goodman    davidsggoodman@gmail.com

Ben Hillman   ben.hillman@anu.edu.au

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