DAVID MORE. The #myHealthRecord Is A Major Failure Following A Long List Of Other Major System Failures From The Federal Government Over The Years.

Nov 20, 2019

I very recently conducted a poll on my blog following the latest over-done propaganda outburst from the Australian Digital Health Authority (ADHA) in their recent Annual Report. Here is what is showed.

The results are now in – poll finalized 17 November, 2019.

Here are the findings (remembering my blog attracts a very well informed technical and health audience):

Poll Question:

Do You Agree With The Claim From The ADHA (In Their Annual Report) That ‘Today The #myHealthRecord Is A Fundamental Feature Of Australia’s Health Infrastructure’?


Yes 2% (2)

No 98% (102)

I Have No Idea 0% (0)

Total votes: 104

I outlined the findings of the poll thus: “Well that was pretty clear. Pretty much everyone thinks that the ADHA is dreaming regarding the importance of the #myHealthRecord.”

In a blog recently I also summarised some key errors regarding #myHealthRecord in the Annual Report. These included the following points:

1. To claim “Moreover, our digital health initiatives lead the world in many respects” is just arrant nonsense as far as anything the ADHA is leading while not diminishing some genuinely world leading efforts from our universities and research institutes, far out of the ADHA’s reach!

2. Equally to suggest “My Health Record is now a fundamental feature of Australia’s health infrastructure, a resource that clinicians and consumers will increasingly rely on in clinical workflows and personal health management.” Is just arrogant grandstanding! There is no evidence either the public or clinicians find the My Health Record a useful or compelling offering.

3. This claim “A collaborative and open approach has always characterised the Agency’s major endeavours, and this would be an appropriate time to reaffirm that commitment” when not a single Board note has been published in over 11 months is clearly not in accord with the truth. The failure to disclose any clinical usage statistics just confirms how wrong the claim is!

4 This enthusiasm for piling up secondary documents in a huge, difficult to search data-base is a farce. This claim that “Today My Health Record is a fundamental feature of Australia’s health infrastructure, with a total of 1.5 billion documents in the system, with 523 million of those uploaded since 22 February 2019.” When no evidence of any significant use of the hoard of data by clinicians or patient is provided it just reeks of attempted misdirection.

5. Most of the subsequent claims in the Report are yet to actually see any real impact or genuine implementation of the scale and import claimed. Its all futures!

You can read more details here:


The Australian National Audit Office is due to provide a Performance Audit on the record in the next two weeks. Its findings will be fascinating to say the least.

David More is a retired clinician with a very long term interest in Digital Health and the saga of the #myhealthrecord.

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