David Pope’s view: We shall fight them on what’s left of the beaches (Canberra Times 3.5.2019)

In her ‘gotcha’ style of questioning Leigh Sales on ABC challenged Bill Shorten about the cost of his climate change policies. People with any real knowledge of the subject know there is no simple answer. What is clear is that we face an existential threat to our planet.David Pope in the Canberra Times pointed to the nonsense of  questioning by Leigh Sales and the Murdoch media on irrelevant detail – all in the name of so called ‘balance’.The main steam media is failing us dismally on climate change.(John Menadue)



  • The Canberra Times' editorial cartoon for Friday, May 3, 2019.

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4 Responses to David Pope’s view: We shall fight them on what’s left of the beaches (Canberra Times 3.5.2019)

  1. Avatar Michael Byrne says:

    At around age 6 or 7, when reason is kicking in for a child, the term “it’s not fair” begins its currency. Bill Shorten’s Labor campaign is appealing to that very sentiment that lays latent in us all. Its use of inter-generational accusatory climate politics is shameful.

    That Australia’s per capita Co2 emissions is the highest in the world places a moral injunction on us as a people to consider our consumer desiring life style.

    That Australia’s total emissions makes up 1.x% of the world’s total emissions demands a rational, measured response balancing purpose, cost and value.

    It seems the godless cosmopolitan mindset has found its belief – as projected by G.K. Chesterton – and its cultist mentality to be willing to place sacrifice on the hoi poloi and their own young.

    This really is horrible politics devoid of the trust and hope that has carried our civilization across the millennia.

    David Pope adds to the canon of abuse in making the tool for his message a real moment of historical existential danger to our civilised world.

  2. Avatar Andrew Glikson says:

    It is like asking “can the ECONOMY afford the price of the Earth””

  3. Avatar Ray Edmondson says:

    Once again David Pope exquisitely nails the issue! Debating costs, as if dealing with climate change is some sort of optional extra, is futile. We are facing an existential threat and the cost is irrelevant.

  4. Avatar Jandra Beeston says:

    Does Ms Sales actually believe in this “gotcha” question nonsense? One hopes not but, disappointingly, track record points the other way.

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