Deflect, distort, deny

Feb 12, 2024
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In what world does a dominant state claim they have a right to defend themselves against those they have unethically, immorally and illegally imprisoned for decades, killed and persecuted without trial?

There’s been an abundance of evidence…
Our intelligence sources say…
It is very credible intelligence…
A complete and transparent investigation…
According to the intelligence dossier…
Our reliable sources confirm…

None of these statements provide evidence of any sort. At best it’s lip service to ward the general public off the scent. At worse it is lies and fabrication and gross spin-doctoring. There’s a line in a Dr. Seuss poem;

“I said, and said, and said those words.
I said them. But I lied them”.

It’s no fault of the average person to be totally befuddled by media propaganda and lies. They aren’t to blame for believing outrageous lies and accusations when they don’t know where to find the truth or who’s telling the truth.

Once the general public hear statements such as the above, they are relieved and believe something is being done by decent people regarding alleged crimes. They are drawn into a haze of misplaced trust that needs no other explanation or closer scrutiny. Governments said they’re doing all they can to get to the bottom of allegations of beheadings, rape, murder, assassinations, UNWRA staff as secret militants etc. It doesn’t matter if no further information or investigation is forthcoming, the damage of propaganda has been done. The general public believes that beheadings, mass rape and torture have been committed. Case closed.

The nature of such accusations, unverified and hearsay, within hours of October 7 is an attempt to point the finger at who is the violent beast and who is the meek victim. In what world are we allowing the legal murder of 11,500 babies and children whilst trying to compare the incomparable – all victims count. In what world does a dominant state claim they have a right to defend themselves against those they have unethically, immorally and illegally imprisoned for decades, killed and persecuted without trial?

The average person in the street quite possibly still believes Hamas committed all these atrocities. Surely, they think, their governments wouldn’t be looking into ‘intelligence sources and dossiers’ if there’s nothing credible to the accusations? But are those intelligence sources of any worth? Do they simply consolidate misinformation on purpose? Or do sentences like the above simply plug up the void where truth should be?

Of course, it is utterly tragic for anyone to have lost their lives in the violent attack, but for Israel to suggest that 40 babies were beheaded and mass rapes took place serves only to ensure that the supposed ‘civilised’ world is shocked to the core. (The same civilised world that allows Gazan massacres to continue). Whether any such thing took place is without solid evidence. Genocide Joe Biden said how horrific it was to see such a video. I smell bullshit. He didn’t even know where to place his footing after he made that mumbling statement and needed guidance to simply walk forward. He regularly wears sunglasses, perhaps in an attempt to deflect the fact that he doesn’t know where he’s going or what he’s doing, or even what day it is. We would have sympathy for such an aged person in that condition… in normal circumstances… but he runs the free world and has access to certain buttons.

Within cooee of the ICJ determining that Israel must ensure all efforts are made to stop a genocide from happening upon the Palestinian population, up pops a story about UNWRA staff aiding and abetting Hamas to breach the prison gates. I wonder sometimes if there is a list of headline grabbing lies that are concocted and held in a special folder until the appropriate moment arrives. When a distraction is needed, up pops outrageous claims that perhaps are not believed but they do the trick to divert the world’s attention from the shameful accusation that Israel is behaving in an inhumane, illegal and undemocratic manner, and is on the path to committing genocide. One can imagine Israeli spin-doctors yelling down the halls of power and media, ‘Quick, get a headline out to the media and we’ll accuse someone of something – whichever is going to best deflect from our violence.’ “Confessions” coerced out of Palestinian prisoners allegedly named 12 UNWRA workers who were complicit in October 7. I too might tell lies under those conditions, who knows!

Just weeks ago at a meeting in the Knesset a right-wing lobbyist (a former official of the Israeli foreign ministry) vigorously declared, “It will be impossible to win the war if we do not destroy UNWRA. And this destruction must begin immediately”.

Imagine! A person in the Knesset, a legal body that represents Israeli citizens, calling for an end to humanitarian aid to a decimated people, on their knees and starving to death.

What stage in the world have we entered when such inhumanity and gross violation of our duty of care to our fellow human beings has turned into this nightmare.

Israel will bulldoze over anyone who stands in the way of the Zionist project. How frightening. And anyone who is in the way of said Zionist project will be subjected to the violent wrath of Israel because Israel doesn’t respect international law, they don’t care about UN resolutions, they don’t care about international public opinion and have total disregard for international norms of human rights.

What this describes is an untameable beast held only by the most tenuous of chains. One frailty in one link and the whole world will know about it. But don’t worry, ‘civilised’ governments are on to it. They are conducting a transparent investigation, have reliable intelligence, dossiers, sources and credible evidence.

Just don’t ask to see any of it.

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