Dutton’s vision of a zero-government Australia: Weekly Roundup

Feb 10, 2024
Let's not forget banks, insurers, electricity companies, airlines ... Image: Ian McAuley

How our cost of living can be eased with a Woolworths-AGL-Qantas merger, government promises political donation reform before 2045 election, Dutton’s vision of a zero-government Australia. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Taxation – beyond Albo’s tweaks

Looking beyond the tax cuts for any possibility of comprehensive reform in a country that has starved its public sector. Treasury reveals its worryingly weird thinking on public revenue. Grattan Institute reminds us of the opportunity cost of tax cuts, be they Morrison’s or Albanese’s.

Other economics

The serious threat to world capitalism revealed. The Reserve Bank apologises for being unable to find data to justify a February rate rise.  Why we’re tough on supermarkets but go easy on insurers, mortgage brokers, airlines …. The difference between a house and a share portfolio explained. Look under your bed: there may be $10 000 there.


Political donations – we should be grateful that we have a better disclosure system than Russia’s. Closing the gaps in closing the gap.

Public ideas

Let’s forget about ESG and make a serious effort to bring all the costs of economic activity to account. Malthus and the Club of Rome were right about limits to growth, but their timing was a few years out.


The Bolshoi Ballet choreographers of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake incorrectly assumed swans were white…

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