Emperor Trumpus Maximus and his most loyal vassal, Terra Australis

Jul 29, 2020

Let us never forget that Emperor Trumpus Maximus is divine and so demands obedience from all of you as well as from our vassal states.


You may be interested in this proclamation issued to the citizens of the Roman Empire.

Citizens of Rome! Our empire is in dire peril.  O tempora! O mores!

Barbarians approach the gates. The Eastern King Shee Djinn has built a might army and threatens even the Eternal City. These savage hordes do not worship our gods nor accept the superiority of our great civilisation. Woe Woe Woe!

The plague ravages us and others. This plague is a dastardly weapon forged by King Shee Djinn to attack the very hegemony of Rome itself. Our glorious Emperor, Trumpus Maximus Augustus, has shown how to defend us against this plague but some ignorant slaves have dared to claim that he could have done more.They will be crucified.

There is unrest down in the Subura from plebs who welcome the Emperor’s many circuses but complain there is not enough bread. These creatures will be rooted out and sent to the Colosseum. We must protect our way of life. Our Emperor can count on the support of loyal citizens who love their mighty Empire and are proud to shout to the world: Civis Romanus Sum!!!  They know that not since the days of Caligula has Rome seen such an Emperor and that he will restore us to the days when the world trembled at the very mention of our name.

Your Emperor is determined to protect Rome against invaders and to that end has instructed his faithful courtier, Pompei Merdatauri, to summon vassals from the far flung edges of our Empire.  Our most loyal vassal, Terra Australis, has responded to the call as we knew they would. Their chieftain, Scomo Scotis Mercatus,  has dispatched two of his most valiant warriors to the imperial capital. Dolor Maris and Pulchra Bellorum  have clear instructions to put their warriors at the disposal of the Emperor and to help in any way he asks to protect him against external and internal enemies.

They have offered unflinching support without any thought of the cost to their tribe. As you know, we have legions and fortresses based in Terra Australis to further the interests of our noble Empire and Chief Scomo does not ask what benefits they offer for his tribe.  The motto of his tribe is: Ours is not question why, ours is but to do and die. Such loyalty is hard to find anywhere else.

Let us never forget that Emperor Trumpus Maximus is divine and so demands obedience from all of you as well as from our vassal states.

M. Denarus   Princeps Vicarium

Known locally as Cavan Hogue

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