‘Enduring Peace’: Three questions for the Australian Foreign Minister on Gaza

Nov 9, 2023
Penny Wong - DFAT official photo

With the Australian government refusing to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, what is Australia actually doing to bring about the ‘two state solution’ and a ‘just and enduring peace’ called for by Foreign Minister Penny Wong this week? 

Dear Penny Wong,

Your Opinion piece on the Israel-Hamas war, published in Saturday’s Guardian was of interest, Minister.

The penultimate paragraph was in these terms:

“Ultimately, a just and enduring peace requires a two-state solution. An Israeli state alongside a Palestinian state. Israelis and Palestinians living securely and prosperously within internationally recognised orders”.

However, three questions are left hanging which you have not addressed.


What is Australia’s position if Israel refuses a two state solution? What steps is Australia prepared to take to compel that outcome?


What is Australia’s position as to the borders of the two states? Does Australia agree that both parties must be compelled to accept the borders envisaged by Security Council Resolution 242 – the 1967 Green Line? What steps is Australia prepared to take to compel that outcome – noting always that the two parties have the capacity to agree some adjustments AFTER the initial implementation of Resolution 242?


Is there anything in your expressed statement which prevents our government from doing what it has been called upon to do by recent ALP National Conferences, namely to recognise the State of Palestine, and doing so forthwith?

We await your response.

Paul Heywood-Smith


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