FIRE CHIEFS pull the rug from under climate change deniers.

Commenting on the 2017 Las Vegas shooting that killed 60 people and injured more than 400, the US National Rifle Association said ‘This sort of response isn’t helpful. Families are mourning. Offer a prayer and temper your desire of politics…’  It sounds just like the response of  the Prime Minister and Coalition Ministers to the recent bush fires. But former senior fire chiefs in their Emergency Leaders for Climate Action decided not to put up any longer with political evasion on the link between the’ urgent threat’ of climate change and the escalating bush fire risk. Hear what they had to say last week.

Fire chiefs want more than thoughts and prayers.



This post kindly provided to us by one of our many occasional contributors.

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1 Response to FIRE CHIEFS pull the rug from under climate change deniers.

  1. Avatar Rex Williams says:

    Well done to all those responsible members who have taken the initiative to attempt to see our feeble Prime Minister for months and who have not yet been able to do so.
    Sadly, you need to keep trying. He won’t come to you, be assured.

    Its really shouldn’t surprise anyone with Morrison being the man he is. Tackling such a demanding subject as climate change, needed so badly in Australia, is beyond the thinking of this man and therefore all his now conforming elected members. It has never been on their agenda and it is beyond their understanding. They need the media to be full of reports on positive items like the dancing, clapping and singing in Morrison’s church, sports events and the like.

    Second-rate marketeers like Morrison do not like to address subjects that do not allow for a large degree of spin and it is hard to get anything positive out of this subject. After all, particularly when you have so many exciting things in train such as Royal Commissions on every street corner, showcase court trials on the East Timor charade, known as Downer’s disgrace, the well publicised thanks from our farmers for a meagre amount of funding, the theatrical performances in Washington as Morrison commits to even further humiliation by joining the Trump flying circus and the jubilation in the ranks of foreign investment affectionados as we sell of another Australian dairy asset to the Chinese, the same Chinese that we are committed to showing the big finger on every second day of every week, following the USA (‘His Master’s Voice), dictates.
    Hard to beat that for an Australian PM’s agenda.

    Climate change? Listening to our fire experts? Phooey!

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