Four rescued Israels equals over two hundred dead Palestinians whilst we continue to support a rogue state

Jun 10, 2024
Deir El Balah, Palestinian Territories. 06th June, 2024. Relatives mourn over the bodies of people killed after an Israeli airstrike on a UN school housing displaced Palestinians in Nuseirat, at a hospital ground in Deir el-Balah. Image:Alamy/Omar Naaman/dpa/Alamy Live News

To rescue four Israeli hostages Israel massacred two hundred and ten or more innocent Palestinian souls to prove that the War on Gaza was worth it, just to prove their machismo.

Never mind that one hostage or more were reportedly killed in the onslaught and never mind the many Palestinians wounded, estimated over 400, and never mind those buried under the rubble of this massive ground, air and sea assault. But it also shows their stupidity and arrogance when only seven hostages have been released through murderous military means, while a hundred or so have been released through negotiation.

The US of course provided intelligence and logistics for this latest massacre. Video footage on social media shows the helicopter that rescued the hostages left the US made pier in central Gaza and there are suggestions that the disguised aid truck, used as cover to enter the refugee camp also came off that pier. US murderous logistics in action. Was that why the millions of dollars was spent on building the US pier, to rescue hostages, not to provide food aid? If so it is no surprise that the US is so duplicitous. They have been involved in this war of genocide on the Palestinians in Gaza from the very beginning and it is US bombs doing the most damage and killing.

Yesterday’s attack took place in the main market area of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Deir al-Balah district of central Gaza. The wounded, among them many children, were rushed to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. The sole hospital in that area, working on one generator, is in grave danger of collapsing. The hospital is full to capacity already and social media shows men, women and children lying on the floor dying in their own blood, many with limbs blown off. Medical tents have been erected to help with the triage of the hundreds of wounded and dying. Many dead remain in the streets around where the attack took place waiting to be collected for a proper burial.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Saturday “strongly” condemned the Israeli attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp, saying that the massacre of civilians is appalling and condemning it in the strongest terms calling for the “bloodbath to end immediately”. He went on to say that the “three-stage plan (put forward by Biden) is the way forward for an enduring ceasefire and to end the killing.”

While Israel may well celebrate and receive congratulations from the US and French Presidents and no doubt Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, the fact remains that key International Courts are holding Israel’s 75 year occupation of Palestine, and its brutal and vicious occupation and total destruction of Gaza to account. Israel’s two key leaders, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence have been named as war criminals by the International Criminal Court prosecutor and the International Court of Justice is undertaking an investigation into possible genocide. But while justice at the international level will come, even as Israel continues to defy their rulings, without stopping the war now more innocents will be massacred.

This attack comes on top of that on an UN school where 46 or more people, mostly women and children were massacred last week. Since 7 October 2023 and now at least 36,700 Palestinians have been killed and 83,500 injured in Gaza according to UN sources.

The World Health Organisation estimates that “at least 14,000 patients need medical evacuation outside Gaza, with this number expected to increase due to shrinking hospital bed capacity”. And UNICEF reports that “ nine of every 10 children in Gaza are experiencing severe food poverty, surviving on two or fewer food groups per day.”

The people in Gaza have been described as being on a “circle of death” as the IDF instructs them to move to one so called safe area, then move again and again with some people having moved up to five times to avoid being killed or injured. The scenes of hundreds of thousands of desperate Palestinians trying to move to safety are harrowing. This latest horrific massacre of two hundred and ten or more shows that nowhere in Gaza is safe. It is impossible to put words to the suffering, the pain both physical and emotional and profound grief and loss that Gazans have endured these past eight months and continue to endure daily.

Australia must sanction Israel immediately, we must stop all weapons sales, we must join Spain and other EU nations at the ICJ and we must condemn this latest massacre of innocent women and children. Israel must be sanctioned and isolated for the rogue nation that it is.

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