FRANK BRENNAN SJ. Being clear eyed and misty eyed about human rights and asylum seekers.


On 5 October 2016, Frank Brennan gave the Fourth Notre Dame Social Justice Lecture.

He said

“It is time to see if we can design a way of getting the asylum seekers off Nauru and Manus Island in such a way that we don’t restart boats. … The suggestion that those camps need to remain filled in order to send a message to people smugglers so that the boats will stay stopped is not only morally unacceptable, it is strategically questionable.  … In August, I joined Robert Manne, Time Costello and John Menadue in calling for an end to the limbo imposed on proven refugees on Nauru and Manus Island. I think this can be done while keeping the boats stopped. … Warehousing proven refugees for years on end is not an option.”

See link to lecture below:


Frank Brennan AO is a Jesuit priest and Rector of Newman College at the University of Melbourne. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the PM Glynn Institute at Australian Catholic University and an Adjunct Professor at the Thomas More Law School at ACU.

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