Jan 20, 2018

Canberra Times journalist Crispin Hull writes about the harm of growing inequality, particularly where it results from government policies to opt out of shared health and education services, through financial support for private schools and private health insurance, rendering public services as residual services for the poor and indigent.

Esther Rajadurai of the McKell Institute has produced a major report – Mapping Opportunity – on widening wage and income inequality in Australia, with extensive analysis of the causes of widening inequality and fine-grained analysis of regional data. It stresses the need for policies to restore social mobility. Writing in the Fairfax Press Mark Kenny has a short summary of the report – emphasising inequality on internet access.  Sam Crosby also of the McKell Institute, drawing on the report’s findings, urges Labor to commit to attend not only to people’s immediate needs, but also to a sustained policy of reducing inequality, including measures  that ensure a fair go and improve social mobility.

“When is a dollar not a dollar? When you receive it tomorrow”. Jennifer Duke, writing in the Fairfax Press, explains a finding in behavioural economics about our inclination to save. As is well-known, we all find it hard to put aside some of our current income to save for future needs. But when it comes to income we have not yet received – a pay rise (remember them?) or a Christmas bonus, we are more willing to commit such income to saving.

Tesla’s South Australian battery has surpassed expectations – RenewEconomy.

Australian wind-solar investment hits record high as the NEG threatens to push it off a cliff.

The evidence for the Tasmanian genocide of Aborigines – The Conversation.

US officials briefed Jared Kushner on their concerns about Wendi-Deng-Murdoch – the Guardian.

An Ancient Greek idea could foil Brexit’s democratic tragedy – Nicholas Gruen.


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