Jan 27, 2018

On Saturday Extra this 27th January Geraldine Doogue is discussing the cost of government consultants with Julian Hill, ALP member for Bruce and businessman Tony Shepherd; Changes to gambling laws with Charles Livingstone from Monash University and Sam Duncan from the Holmesglen Institute in Victoria; Supreme Court judge and author Michael Pembroke on his book Korea: Where the America Century began and A Foreign Affair discusses reforms in Saudi Arabia, diplomacy successes in South Korea, Vladimir Putin and the anniversary of the secret police and one hundred years since Woodrow Wilson’s 14 point speech with Anthony Bubalo, Lowy Institute, Kyle Wilson, ANU and Lauren Richardson, ANU.

Companies that pay more tax deliver shareholders better returns. Writing in The Conversation Kerrie Sadiq and Bronwyn McCredie report on their research covering ASX200 companies from 2012 to 2017. They found that a higher percentage of tax paid by a corporation correlated with a higher dividend returns and that that share prices were more likely to increase.

In a report on the quality of the advice given by financial advisers at the four major banks and the AMP, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has found that in three quarters of the customer files they reviewed the advisers had not demonstrated compliance with the duty to act in the best interests of their clients. They found that “10% of the advice reviewed was likely to leave the customer in a significantly worse financial position”.

It’s time to revive the republican debate: we cannot keep pushing it off into the future. On Late Night Live, Phillip Adams interviewed historian Benjamin Jones, author of This Time: Australia’s Republican Past and Future.  Writing in the Canberra Times, John Warhurst calls on republicans to assert their case: they “must not be afraid to call out monarchist myths and needless distractions”.

Donald and Melania Trump approached New York’s Guggenheim Museum, requesting a loan of Van Gough’s Landscape with Snow for the White House. The museum declined the Trumps’ request, but they did offer another exhibit, Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibit “America”, a solid gold toilet instead.

Since bitcoins are not useful as a medium of exchange, or desirable in themselves, their true value is zero – John Quiggin in Inside Story.

UK regulator has blocked Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Sky – the Guardian and the Economist.

Massacres and protests: Australia Day’s undeniable history – Calla Wahlquist (Guardian)

The Australia Day barbeque-stopper is the same every year – Paul Daley.  The whispering in our hearts.

The government’s objective is the main problem with the NBN – Greg Jericho (Guardian)

Sydney transport planners off the rails with metro plans – Canberra Times

Tesla battery moves from showboating to making money – RenewEconomy.

​Why is Trump’s staff turnover higher than the 5 most recent presidents? – Brookings Institution

One-percent of Australians own more wealth than the bottom 70 per cent combined – the Guardian

I’m unapologetically pro-life and ashamed that Trump spoke at the March for Life – Haley Stewart

The United States and Russian may find themselves in a nuclear arms race, again.

The true author of “The Art of The Deal” says Donald Trump is more self-absorbed than you can possibly imagine.

How Sydney’s transport system has gone off the rails – the Conversation.

Mixed messages from the United States as Turkey attacks Syrian Kurds – the New York Times

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