A conservative commentator revolts against Fox News – Max Boot, Washington Post

The monstrous strategic mistake that took Australia to war in Iraq – Kevin Rudd, Canberra Times.

A plea to the Queen to disclose the palace letters for the sake of Australian democracy – the Guardian.

Suicide note shows Japanese official’s fear of being blamed for land sale scandal:the Asahi Shimbun

Cambridge Analytica facebook influenced US election – the Guardian.

On Saturday Extra the 24th of March, Geraldine Doogue speaks with SMH’s economics editor Peter Martin about the continuing tax discussion; William Davies from the University of London on what the Brexiters really want; Harvard professor of philosophy Michael Sandel talks about his visits to China and the thirst young Chinese have for moral discussions in a GDP driven society;  emeritus professor of politics Robert Manne talks about finding his voice after throat cancer and the politics of today; and professor of history Grace Karskens discusses her quest to bring alive the history of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.


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