May 26, 2018

Because our Reserve Bank has given every indication that it has no intention to raise official interest rates, a degree of complacency about Australia’s high levels of household debt has set in.  But in an article on the ABC’s website, business reporter David Taylor shows how rising US bond yields could flow through to Australian interest rates, even if the Reserve Bank maintains its low official rates.

While our government has been sending mixed and confused messages about our relationship with China, Deutsche Welle reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has led a high-level delegation to China aimed at strengthening two countries’ already strong economic cooperation. Merkel said that Beijing and Berlin “are both committed to the rules of the WTO and want to strengthen multilateralism.”

Which of our two main parties is better at managing the economy?  Ross Gittins diplomatically doesn’t answer that question, but he does outline the budgetary differences between the parties. “Labor would make income tax more redistributive, whereas the Coalition would make it less so. If that doesn’t offer voters a real choice, I don’t know what would” he writes.

Karnataka poll outcome indicative of India’s coalition future – UCANEWS.

Unions support Liddell’s clean energy transition – RenewEconomy

Brexit won’t happen – Simon Wren-Lewis

Get to know Elliott Broidy, the next major trump scandal figure – Washington Post

New Italian Prime Minister is a latin version of Jacob Rees Mogg – Spectator

Almost half of Australians being ‘conned’ into taking supplements – New Daily

Racism and the China debate: a response to Chris Zappone – David Brophy

Trump too good to be true – Emanuel Pastreich, Korea Times

A Gandhian stand against a culture of cruelty – New York Review of Books

In Saturday Extra (ABC Radio):    Over the last six months the Cambodia Daily closed, and the Phnom Penh Post, an English-language newspaper widely seen as the last bastion of free press in Cambodia, was sold to a Malaysian investor with ties to the Cambodian government.   In Thailand the editor of the Bangkok Post has said he was forced to step down. We examine threats to press freedom in South-east Asia.   Anniversary of the Uluru statement from the Heart anniversary. Guests: Prof. Megan Davis & TBC Julian Leeser, Chair of the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples .    Pressure on boards and directors – Eric Kutcher, McKinsey senior partner and second guest to be confirmed.    A Foreign Affair: Elsina Wainwright, Kean Wong, Hervé Lemahieu.   The Epic Voyages of Maud Berridge: The seafaring dairies of a Victorian lady



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