Jun 30, 2018

A regular connection of links to writings and broadcasts covered in other media.

On ABC’ Saturday Extra this weekend (in case you missed it)

  • Can Australia thrive in a region in turmoil?  (Professor Peter Varghese, former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.)
  • This week’s EU Summit in Brussels is set to discuss the migration crisis, security and defence, but the outcome might very well prove pivotal to the future of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
  • Britain’s outgoing Anti-Slavery Commissioner discusses the effectiveness of their laws, just as Australia introduces a similar bill into parliament.
  • Japan’s reaction to changing regional dynamics. (Kiichi Fujiwara, Professor of international politics at the University of Tokyo).
  • A Foreign Affair focuses exclusively on China and the state of the relationship between Australia and China. (Linda Jakobsen, Richard McGregor and John Fitzgerald.)
  • Do Australians want to be more like Kiwis?  (Market research by Neer Korn).

Other commentary

Ross Gittins reflects on his 40 years as an economics editor. He observes, for example, that home loans have become much easier to get, but infinitely harder to afford. And he taps into the Government’s theme of “aspiration”, but form a different perspective: “What would be wrong with aspiring to make life better for others rather than ourselves?” he asks.

In the Sydney Morning Herald David Wroe has an article on the government’s prosecution of Bernard Collaery and his client “Witness K” over the exposure of Australia’s spying on East Timor. It includes a five minute video clip to Andrew Wilkie’s speech made under parliamentary privilege – a speech in which he makes damning revelations.  The case is making news not only in Australia: Associated Post journalist Rod McGuirk has covered the issue in an article published in the Washington Post.




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