Sep 15, 2018

A regular collection of links to writings and broadcasts covered in other media.

On ABC’s Saturday Extra this weekend (in case you missed it):

  • What is Steve Bannon’s masterplan for Europe?  with Loretta Napoleoni, Italian journalist.
  • Life insurance anyone?   What have industry reforms and codes of conduct meant to the insurance industry in the wake of this week’s revelations at the Royal Commission?  with Tony Boyd, Chanticleer Columnist with the Australian Financial Review.
  • Inside the Department of Prime MInister during the Global Financial Crisis with Gordon de Brouwer, former senior public servant.
  • Why Australia needs to seize the moment and establish closer economic ties to India, with Peter Varghese, former High Commissioner to India and Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • Claire Tomalin is one of Britain’s most accomplished biographers, with thirteen to her name,  including the award winning book on Samuel Pepys, talks about her own life.

Other commentary

This Saturday marks the tenth anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ announcement that it was filing for bankruptcy. On the ABC’s Rear Vision this Sunday a panel of financial and economic experts describe how the Global Financial Crisis developed, how the world’s governments responded (praise for Kevin Rudd), and why there has been such a sluggish recovery in the real economy.

Writing in Foreign Affairs (“The forgotten history of the financial crisis”) historian Adam Tooze of Columbia University attributes the recovery from the GFC to American leadership in ensuring that the US Federal Reserve responded by providing liquidity to other countries’ central banks. (Europeans, Chinese and Australians may have different perspectives.)

Also reflecting on the ten years since the GFC, Joseph Stiglitz writes in Social Europe“Unless and until the selfishness and myopia that define our politics – especially in the US under Trump and his Republican enablers – is overcome, an economy that serves the many, rather than the few, will remain an impossible dream”.

On the other issues commanding our attention there is a 2009 John Clarke and Brian Dawe interview. Plus ça change…

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