GRAHAM FREUDENBERG. “Which of us is safe?”

Aug 17, 2017

Graham Freudenberg, of German, Scottish and Irish descent, whose Prussian-born grandparents were declared enemy aliens in 1915 after 50 years prolific residence in Queensland, has recently held a séance with King O’Malley (an American pretending to be a Canadian and Peter Dutton’s early predecessor as Minister for Home Affairs) and Prime Ministers Chris Watson (born in Chile, son of a stateless Swedish sailor), Billy Hughes (a London-born Welshman), Bob Menzies (‘British to the bootstraps’) and Malcolm Fraser (part-Jewish and therefore with a citizen’s right of return to Israel whether he wanted it or not) and writes:  

It must give Barnaby the pip

Saddled with a Kiwi Dad

Yet Malcolm’s yankee hip to hip

And Tony was a Pommie lad.

Allegiance is a state of mind.

They say the heart goes with the treasure.

Scratch Malcolm and you’ll surely find

New York defines his royal measure.

With Donald’s finger on the button,

Dinkum Aussies, rest secure

You’re pure and safe with Peter Dutton

Policing Section Forty-four.

Graham Freudenberg was a speech writer for many years, for prime ministers and premiers, including Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Bob Carr.

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