GREG HAMILTON. The Class War – Part 2: The Bludging Class.

Jul 3, 2018

We’re paralysed by a state of cultural anarchy that marks the decline of the Enlightenment Age and its class war that will see one percent of the world’s population owning over two thirds of all wealth by 2030.  Do we want to save ourselves from that?  And if so, how do we go about it?

First, an abbreviated list of what we ought to know about social ineptitude that got us into a state of war:

  1. For the last seventy-five years since WW2, we’ve taken permissiveness, indifference and apathy for fruits of freedom and liberty. So we duly reaped what we sowed.
  2. We celebrate ANZAC in a way that is a substitute for having courage ourselves. We prefer to help foreigners fight illegal and immoral wars while ignoring our own battles here at home amongst our own kind, ruled by the unfit to rule.
  3. Most of us are lower class in a blatant them/us class system. We tolerate even today a ‘Constitution’ that was made for a colony in which we aren’t the boss and have few rights. We can’t win against bad government.  We accept that.
  4. We tolerate an “education” system that is an ideological conditioning agency, not educational, and needs to be scrapped and a new system devised that actually educts.
  5. We all grew up in a culture that subtly (and not so subtly) knackered free speech at all levels—in family, in schools, in academe, in the media and in our parliaments. We were conditioned to have no opinions other than approved ones. We aren’t equipped for liberty, we the disabled.
  6. Australian ‘aspiration’ has come to centre stage with the present Government and Opposition of spiritual cripples (ie, materialists). Aspiration to them equates to getting to the top of the social heap by material possession and monopolising assets, not growing in human stature or spirit to possess real human worth.
  7. We don’t have an Opposition in Parliament. FDR said `The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is Fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power.’ This is the Australia we know today, and the “Opposition” is silent in its tolerance of evil.
  8. We’ve allowed chronic narcissists to run everything today, including the world itself (Trump, Putin etc). We believed their claim that if we let them off their leash, we’d all become rich and famous. We fell for it. We weren’t pushed.
  9. The class war was launched in parallel with our adoption of economic rationalism—ie, Aussie Thatcherism or Reaganomics. To it, society doesn’t exist, just the economy. People are nothing; things you can possess are everything. We let our thinking be done for us by non-thinkers.

Unfortunately, there are many more items like this on my unabbreviated list that couldn’t find room here for inclusion.  The remedy of it all is to stop participating in our own undoing through Fascism and go back to responsible government.  And to do that we need to shake ourselves out of our torpor of fear and demoralisation.  “Liberty lies in the hearts of men. When it dies there, no Constitution, no law, no court can save it.  No Constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.”  (Justice Learned Hand).  The same can be said today for fairness, social justice, good government, the democratic spirit, human rights and basic human decency.  In Australia, as elsewhere, we have ‘government’ conducted by what I’d call a bludging class. They see their role as taking in hand a bludging public. Nanny government.

A good example of bludging rulers is the head of the trade union movement who, after eight years of lamely watching workers’ rights desecrated by successive governments, took her place at the public trough with the rest of them.  Only last week they voted themselves a pay rise while killing off penalty rates for jobs in retail and hospitality.  Confucius said: ‘The Superior Man understands what is right; the Inferior Man understands what will sell.’ Our bludging class is made up of salesmen who know that crap sells better than anything.  For, make no mistake, every single member of the Bludging Parliament was elected by a voluntarily ignorant bludging public.   Man’s loss of faith in himself is a prime cause of the class war.  So is our suicidal embrace of economic rationalism with its lying pretence that deregulation, privatisation, private profit and public debt, and class division is what free enterprise is all about. All of this criminal nonsense relies on a public who are first made scared, then demoralised.  Our media has been commandeered by monopolising money power while our bludging leaders looked the other way. It has to be clawed back into public hands and spread between parties who haven’t been judged by the British Parliament to be unfit to hold a media license.

Hope exists.  We’re heading for a global financial collapse that will wake us from our torpor, leading us to a new New Deal of the type FDR set up.  He rescued the world from penury caused by no-government and got criticised by the profiteering bludging class as a rabid socialist. One of the conditions for turning our mess around is to get rid of the capitalist’s propaganda demonising the word socialist and the aims of socialism. Society can’t work properly as long as we believe society isn’t worth managing properly to spread Nature’s bounty with more justice and fairness.

We also have to get rid of the idea that there are two sides in a class war. There is no left-right polarity in politics, just as there are no opposites in anything beyond the illusion we entertain in our ignorance.  We got fed this them-and-us tripe by the fraudulent “education” system and our Big Brother media.   Take the idea of light.  There is no dark, just absence of light. In consciousness terms, right-wing (being about things, not people), is the dark (absence of light) in human terms.  Communism as practised wasn’t left-wing, or the gulags wouldn’t have been full of left-wingers. Instead of a political polarity, we have a progression from unconsciousness to consciousness—or dehumanised to humanised—and right-wing is at the bludging end of the spectrum.  Evil was made respectable by sleight-of-hand.

Recognition of this fact is at the core of any relief in our war-ravaged economy and society.

Greg Hamilton is a former architect and academic, now a novelist, social critic and advocate for a new Australian Constitution for a genuinely independent Australia.


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