How to fix capitalism in Australia – Weekly Roundup

Mar 16, 2024
Real men's ute
One of Dutton's warriors in the ute war

With fuel emission standards Toyota Land Cruisers to cost more than Lamborghinis, economic advice from a wise lady for Treasurer Chalmers, consumer advice from a Minnesota Lutheran. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Care of the aged

Financing a growing need for aged care – a review favours user payments over taxes.

Motoring policy

The economic stupidity of toll roads. The political stupidity of the Coalition’s fear campaign on fuel efficiency standards.

Other economics

Mariana Mazzucato tells Treasurer Chalmers how to fix capitalism in Australia. If you’re a renter, move to Melbourne; if you want to be pampered by other taxpayers, move to Perth. If you buy lots of toasters and kiddies’ tricycles, you’re in for a windfall.


Not much happening in opinion polls, but we still prefer Albo to Dutton for PM. Bookmakers give the Russian Opposition shorter election odds than the Australian Coalition.

Public ideas

Sorry, unless you’re a “person of colour” you’re a racist and cannot disprove it. A Minnesota Lutheran on conspicuous consumption. Stan Grant returns to the public forum.

From daguerreotypes to Photoshop

180 years of manipulating photographs.

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