IAN MACPHEE on Peter Dutton (repost from December 2016)

Mar 22, 2018

The attack by Peter Dutton on Malcolm Fraser’s refugee policies is outrageous. We have had a succession on inadequate Immigration Ministers in recent years but Dutton is setting the standard even lower Yet Turnbull recently declare him to be an ‘outstanding immigration minister’. The Liberal Party has long ceased to be liberal.

Yet it outraged many community organisations led by former refugees and their children with whom I have remained in contact. Their anger is justified. For Dutton’s words offended them, especially as they attacked Malcolm Fraser for whom they have profound respect and whose policies enabled them to integrate with and expand the understanding of other Australians of the rich, diversified culture that Australia has due to the contribution of migrants and refugees.

When Dutton’s remarks were reported I was at a conference on refugee law and policy at the Kaldor Centre at the University of New South Wales. All present were experts on aspects of refugee settlement and were astonished by Dutton’s ignorance.

A Parliamentary enquiry has been established to consider resettlement outcomes for migrants to Australia. I hope that some of the experts at the conference will be allowed to participate and defuse ignorant, alarmist voices such as those of Dutton, Bolt and Hanson.

Ian Macphee, Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs in the Fraser Government, 1979-82.


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