In God we trust

Feb 25, 2024
Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution on Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza 16 Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution on Humanitarian Ceasefire. Security Council votes on a draft resolution on the situation in the Middle East put forth by Algeria. The resolution demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, as well as the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. The resolution received 13 votes in favour, one against (United States) and one abstention (United Kingdom). The resolution was not adopted due to the veto by one of the Permanent Members of the Security Council (United States). A view of Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, vetoing the resolution. image: UN Photo/Manuel Elías

The following words are from Canadian Dr. Yasser Khan (Eye-Facial Plastic Trauma Surgeon) who returned from a humanitarian surgical mission at the European Hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza.

He said he has been to over 40 different countries for humanitarian work. What he saw in Khan Younis were, “the most horrific scenes in my entire life”. He says the majority of patients he tended to were between the ages of 2-17 years of age.

Eyes shattered in 2 six-year-old children
Eyes with shrapnel stuck inside
Limbs cut off and dangling
Abdominal injuries
Children on the floor with head trauma
People suturing patients without anaesthesia
Children exploded and half their bodies hanging on a wall
Patients and bodies lying all over the hospital inside and out
The children were thin because they’re starving
Israel has openly called for epidemics
Israel kidnapped about 40-45 doctors specifically specialists (eg; the one nephrologist)
They’ve attacked the water and sewerage systems so the sewerage mixes with drinking water
There’s about 15,000 bodies decomposing which ultimately mixes with the drinking water

There are no antibiotics, no painkillers and on Dr. Khan’s last day they ran out of morphine, no doubt leaving people (children) to have their limbs amputated without any painkiller; not to mention the dubious likelihood of the necessary further surgeries when an amputation is conducted in the first place. Some of the children he saw had both eyes amputated out of their eye socket or had arms or legs amputated.

Dr. Khan said, “The Israeli killing machine has been vicious…really vicious.”

America has printed on its money, ‘In God we Trust’. Over a quarter of the population call themselves Evangelical Christians but I wonder where their God is in all this horror. How do they reconcile their religious beliefs when their elected government has sanctioned the murder, decimation and utter inhumanity meted out to Palestinians? Although the constitution does not note the United States as a Christian nation, vast percentages of the population consider it to be so. It holds almost 200 million Christians of varying degrees of faith. I understand there are many Christians opposing the genocide, but perhaps many also see this catastrophe in Palestine as the beginning of the end as prophesised in the bible and that Christ is around the corner.

With the inclusion of prayer at the opening of the U.S. House and Senate, are they praying for the victims they have bombed and the children they have maimed and made orphan, or are they praying for themselves. Most presidents will sign off a meeting or talk with. “God Bless America”, so I guess that leaves out everybody else, especially the Palestinians.

The financing and control, the encouragement and the steadfast support for a genocidal government to legally murder and destroy human beings comes first and foremost from one of the first and foremost Christian nations on earth. America never tires of pointing the finger at theocracies and nations they deem ‘backward, brutal and oppressive’, yet America has such a malady brewing in their domestic sphere that it’s hard not to point out the obvious. They have rampant homelessness, gun crime, drug epidemics and gang wars. They have a belligerent war like tendency to all those they wish to crush or take over throughout the world. They have disillusioned youth who have been primed to believe that the only real measure of success is how much money they have; being a millionaire is so passé, it’s billionaire or nothing. And don’t forget the all important ‘likes’.

And while the maladies brew in a cocktail of dysfunction the American administration is still trying to tell other countries how they are getting it wrong and how they should treat their citizens. If we believe the U.S. propaganda machine China is a threat, Putin had absolutely no cause to invade Ukraine, Taiwan must watch its back, Africa is a “shithole” and Australia is so insignificant it’s not worth mentioning. But Israel is still held up as the only state worth saving from a sea of Arabs and has the right to defend itself over the people it has Occupied, imprisoned, decimated, ruined, starved and tried to eradicate. But don’t worry – it’s the only democracy in the Middle East. Phew!

Biden must think people are stupid if he thinks we believe his hollow words of chastisement to Israel and Netanyahu, asking him to use caution yet signing off even more multibillion-dollar funding to continue the war and genocide.

The U.S. administration could stop the war with one phone call. With one vote in the UN.

They have made the horror of Khan Younis their own to bear.

God Bless America.

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