Blindly supporting Israel, the West abandons the values it claims to stand for

Oct 24, 2023
Five Eyes concept. United Kingdom – United States of America Agreement. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. 3D rendering.

Leaders of the US, Britain, Australia and Western countries, instead of learning from history, are failing to bear their responsibility for the creation of an Israeli colonial regime in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people. Despite the massacres, ethnic cleansing, aggression, wars, occupation and gross violations of international law committed by Israel since its inception, Western countries, especially the group of Anglo Saxon countries of the so-called “Five Eyes”, whom I call the Five Eyes plus Israel, continue with their policy of blind support to Israel, giving it a green light to continue its policy of illegal occupation with impunity.

Where are the “Enlightened Western values,” and respect for human rights and international laws, that Washington, London, Canberra, Ottawa, Paris and Berlin claim? Do they regard the Palestinians as not humans unworthy of their inalienable rights to live in their country as equal human beings and exercise self-determination?

Shouldn’t they be on the side of the occupied, oppressed and those denied their rights to freedom, self-determination, and human rights? Why they are giving such shameful support to the occupier, oppressor and violator, Israel?

Are these Western countries incapable of changing their colonial racist spots towards the Palestinian people?

In violation of International Law, the UN charter and resolutions, Israel has occupied all of Palestine from the river to the sea, carrying out a slow war of genocide against the Palestinian people with the complete complicity of the US, Britain, Australia and other Western countries for the last 75 years.

On what grounds does the West justify standing with Ukrainians against Russia’s aggression and occupation, giving them billions of dollars and sophisticated weapons from our taxes on the one hand, then take a totally contradictory stand in their support of Israel’s apartheid colonialism, aggression and occupation against the Palestinians for the last seventy-five years?

If the US, Australia, Britain and Western countries justify Israel’s killing of Palestinian civilians because Israeli civilians were killed, by the same principle shouldn’t they justify Palestinians’ killing of Israeli civilians because Israel has been killing Palestinian civilians for seventy-five years, occupying their country and denying them their human and national rights? And if Hamas is regarded as a terrorist organisation because it killed civilians, shouldn’t Israel be called a terrorist state because it committed tens of massacres and killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinian and Arab civilians?

Do we blame the Palestinians and all freedom-loving people around the world for their frustration, and outrage at this blatant hypocrisy and double standard of such Western countries which makes one’s blood boil? Do we blame them for not giving a damn about what these Western countries, who lost all credibility, say and do?

Frustration leads to acts of desperation and those hypocritic regimes in the West are responsible for the ongoing bloodshed resulting from their blind support of Israel’s colonialism making it above international law and unaccountable for its crimes against humanity.

Why are these Western regimes not saying a single word about Israel’s colonialism, apartheid and denial of the Palestinian people’s right to be free and exercise their self-determination in their own country? For years they exercised tremendous pressure on the PLO to recognise Israel, the two-state solution and UN resolutions 242 and 338, and since the PLO did that in 1988, they never demanded that Israel recognise the right of Palestine to exist and implement the UN resolutions. Why?

The Western world deals with Israel as if it were a natural state subject to Arab aggression, forgetting it is an apartheid colonial state established on the destruction and ruins of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people only because they are not Jews, stripping them of their human and national rights including their right to return to their homeland, to self-determination, to live as equal citizens, and that Israel has been expanding its borders through aggressive wars.

Israel, its lobbyists and apologists cunningly and deceitfully ask, what Australia would do if Sydney was attacked by missiles. When the question is, what would the Australian people do if they were occupied, put under siege, ethnically cleansed and denied their inalienable rights?

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich denied the existence of a Palestinian people, called for the town of Huwara to be “erased”, and told the Palestinians “You are here by mistake – because Ben-Gurion didn’t finish the job and throw you out in 1948”. In an essay in 2017, he gave the Palestinians one of three choices, to accept to be second-class citizens, and if they do not accept that, they have to leave, and if they dared to resist being second-class and leave Smotrich explains that they would be branded terrorists and killed by the Israeli army.

These are just some examples of what the Palestinian people have been dealing with and subjected to under Israel’s colonial apartheid regime for the last seventy-five years.

The Palestinians made two proposals to solve the Palestine question and achieve a just peace through peaceful means, a one democratic non-sectarian state where all share equally under the role of law in 1968, and made a historic huge and painful compromise in 1988 by accepting a two-state solution with the return of the refugees to their cities and villages they were ethnically cleansed from, both were rejected by Israel, never proposed a peaceful solution, and continue with its colonial project of expansion building Jewish-only colonies towards the greater Israel in the Arab world comprising of all historic Palestine plus parts of Arab neighbouring states.

This blind support of Israel is pushing the Western world, as we can witness, to abandon the values it claims. It is destabilising the world and endangering their own national security and interests.

If Western countries are concerned for peace in the Middle East and sparing Palestinian and Jewish blood, then all they have to do is to make Israel accountable, recognise Palestinian people’s inalienable right to return to their homeland, to be equal with Jews and exercise their self-determination.

Israel will not be able to finish the Palestinian people. No power can finish a people, Hitler tried and failed. The Palestinians are here to stay, and sooner or later will achieve their legitimate rights, it is only a matter of time, whether it’s going to take one year, ten years or two hundred years, the sooner the US, Britain, Australia and Western countries put an end to their complicity, hypocrisy and double standard the better for peace, for Palestinians, and Jews and the world at large.

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