“It is vital for us not to look away”: Louise Adler on the place of politics in the arts

Dec 13, 2023
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“The world looked away during the World War, and Jews, 6 million of our people, were murdered in that looking away…  It is incumbent upon humanity to look at what is happening in Gaza now and to say we will not accept this. We will say no. Not in our name.” – Louise Adler

The decision last week of three actors in the Sydney Theatre Company’s new production of the Chekov play The Seagull to wear the Palestinian scarf known as the keffiyeh during curtain call sparked a frenzy of condemnation from members of the Jewish community, resignations from the STC board, and withdrawal of donor support.

Louise Adler has been involved in the arts sector for over 30 years, as a board member and book publisher and is currently Director of Adelaide Writers’ Week. Her view on the place of politics in the arts is also informed by her own family history.

Watch the interview here:

First published by ABC News on 9 December, 2023.


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