Jeffrey Sachs speaks: The perilous situation after COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and the end of US leadership

Jul 12, 2022
Jeffrey Sachs
Jeffrey Sachs Image: Still from the video.

Jeffrey Sachs, economist and UN adviser for the Sustainable Development Goals, discusses the situation in the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the dangerous US mindset.

Watch this speech given by Jeffrey Sachs in the lead up to the NATO Summit in Madrid for a view of the world that speaks to the need to renew diplomacy, to break down Us and Them world views and to negotiate a different approach to reach agreement in the the war in Ukraine. Sachs calls out the role of the US, the UN security council and recognises that China can be constructive in these discussions and negotiations. Also highlighted is the damaging US mindset and the emergence of the multi-polar world and the need for regional cooperation to achieve the UN Sustainable goals. Regional co-operation is the way in which the world needs to operate in the world today.

Key discussion points:

  • We are at the end of US Leadership, we are in the post-Unipolar world
  • We need global co-operation everywhere
  • Covid came out of US Biotechnology
  • We could have avoided Ukraine war
  • US insisted on No Negotiation with Russia
  • He can’t get an op ed piece in the US media
  • US has a neurotic fear of China
  • We need at least regional co-operation
  • The issues are the same everywhere
  • Talk about infrastructure, talk about zero-carbon energy systems
  • US creating conflicts and divisions everywhere
  • Climate change is very scary
  • West is re-fighting the Crimean war, re-fighting the Opium Wars
  • It is time to calm down, discuss and solve issues


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