JOHN CASSIDY. Trump’s Awful Middle East Policies Are Coming Back to Haunt Him (New Yorker 17-9-19)

Trump’s in a pickle, and he’s the one responsible for it. By needlessly reneging on the U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal and launching a sanctions campaign that amounts to economic warfare against Tehran, he has strengthened the Iranian hard-liners and further destabilized a region that was already in turmoil. By enabling Saudi Arabia in bombing Yemen and carrying out horrendous war crimes, he has contributed to a terrible humanitarian crisis…

John Cassidy has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1995. You can read the full article here.


Ramesh Thakur is a professor emeritus at the Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University.

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2 Responses to JOHN CASSIDY. Trump’s Awful Middle East Policies Are Coming Back to Haunt Him (New Yorker 17-9-19)

  1. Rory McGuire says:

    This is a shallow and narrow article. Most of Trump’s worst Middle East follies relate to Israel and they don’t get a mention. He could, for example, have glanced at Netanyahu’s threats to annex parts of the West Bank but, like most of the MSM, he chooses not to go near that. Netanyahu would not make a threat like that unless he knew he had Trump’s backing. He could have written about Trump’s debt to the US Zionist lobby and the big money coming from there, $US259 million according to one estimate, including his commitment to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, but not a word. As Trump would say: Sad.

  2. michael lacey says:

    United States Middle east policies have been wanting long before Trump Arrived on the scene!
    # Iraq, Afghanistan as stated by general Wesley Clarke
    #New York Times on Clinton and Libya: Portrait of a War Criminal!
    #Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya: Obama’s Drone Casualty Numbers Conceals Extensive US War Crimes!
    #Yemen 19 March 2015 – ongoing (4 years and 6 months) started before Trump arrived.

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