A progress report on Pearls and Irritations

Aug 19, 2020

Pearls and Irritations has topped 10,000 subscribers.

In March, Susie and I advised that we would be outsourcing the production, technical support and promotion to Michael West Media.  This was done to reduce our workload and to promote Pearls & Irritations to a wider readership.

This arrangement had a few hitches to begin with, but is now working very well.

Since the commencement of this arrangement in March, ‘Views’ of Pearls & Irritations have increased by 36% from 169,927 in the month of March to 231,082 in July.  In that same period, ‘Visitors’ have increased 46% from 43,508 to 63,661.

Subscribers have increased from 6,821 in March to 10,002  today.

The money raising has broadly covered the costs of support from the Michael West Media team.

Susie’s workload has been reduced significantly and mine less so.  More and more articles are submitted without any initiative from me.  Pearls & Irritations has now posted almost 10,000 articles since we launched.

All in all, things are going well.  Our influence is increasing.

There is a yawning gap opening up in mainstream media.  This presents an enormous and important opportunity for independent media in Australia. We hope we can meet some of this need in Pearls & Irritations.

Pearls & Irritations will remain independent, with no pay-wall and will continue to carry no advertising.

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