JOHN MENADUE. A Repost: Drug policy reform series

Oct 17, 2019

See link below to a collection of articles on drug policy reform, which were published as a series in Pearls and Irritations between 6 and 11 August 2018. This series was designed to draw attention to this important issue, and to the failure of our current policies.

The NSW Premier has told us again and again that she is not interested  in drug reform. She wants to appear tough as more and more people die as a result of  her policy failures.

Present drug policies are not working. Drug use with its enormous personal, social and national cost is increasing rapidly. This is despite the very expensive regulatory activities, particularly by police and Border Force. The ‘war on drugs’ has failed not just in Australia but around the world.

We disguise our failure by falling for the spin of federal and state police about another record drug haul.Our media cooperate in diverting attention from failed drug policies.

We focus on enforcement rather than the health of our people.

There must be a better way. This issue needs substantial and serious discussion. That discussion is sadly lacking today. What can we learn from overseas experience? In 2011, Portugal decriminalised the use and possession of quantities of drugs consistent with personal consumption. Benefits were huge and negatives were minimal.

Our political leaders are cautious, perhaps because of concern that they may be criticised as being ‘soft on drugs’. But, unfortunately the result of our caution is that the trade in drugs is largely left in the hands of criminals and is wreaking widespread personal and social damage.

We hope you find this drug policy reform series helpful in addressing what is widely regarded a major national problem.

Alex Wodak, President of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation, Mick Palmer, former Commissioner of the AFP, and William Bush and Marion McConnell of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform have all assisted with this drug policy reform series.

Drug policy reform series – consolidated PDF – 21 Aug 18

This article was originally published on the 21st of October 2019.

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