JOHN MENADUE. An explanation and apology to some subscribers.

I’m writing to apologise for any inconvenience some subscribers  may have experienced in the transition from production being handled by myself to production being outsourced. Change often has some unintended consequences.

A number of you have  informed me that the daily and weekly emails are no longer being sent to your inbox. Anecdotally, this group is in a large part Bigpond users. We are working hard in order to find a permanent remedy to this problem.

For those that are no longer receiving the daily or weekly emails there are a few fixes which may work in the short term. The first is to check whether the emails are now being sent to your junk folder. If this is the case then you can move the email back into your inbox and hopefully, your mail service will remember this change. Second, if the above does not work you could unsubscribe from the email list through the ‘manage your subscription’ option of the right-hand-side bar on the home page of and then re-subscribe.

If these two options don’t work then please email for further assistance.

Despite this distribution glitch the readership of Pearls and Irritations has continued to grow strongly in recent days and weeks.

We appreciate your patience and continued support.

John Menadue


John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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6 Responses to JOHN MENADUE. An explanation and apology to some subscribers.

  1. Gavin O'Brien says:

    Oops, that should read Newsletter! Helps to read before pressing send!

  2. Peter Dixon says:

    finally stopped going to Junk, after many days of clicking 🙂

  3. Richard Ure says:

    Tieing your email address to your ISP/RSP tends to tie you to that provider more than can be healthy for promoting competing between providers. This is in much the same way that you can become tied to your bank for life because it is too hard to change.

  4. Peter Keightley says:

    Just to advise that today’s email arrived correctly for the first time since the transition. The were going to “junk”
    Many thanks.

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