JOHN MENADUE. China Series

China is in the ‘news’. But it is not always well informed news. In addition much of our news and views about China are shaped in Washington and London.We don’t really know much about China, our major trading partner by far and the rapidly rising power in our region. This is occurring as US influence is declining.

Tomorrow Jocelyn Chey will introduce a twelve part series,What,Why and How about China.The twelve parts will be written by informed Australian experts.

The series will cover Chinese national identity, Border relations,The diaspora, Soft and hard power,Role of the Communist Party,Technology and Innovation,Social Control, Environmental Policies,Religion, History and Tradition,Social Change and Health policies

Remember Jocelyn Chey  launches the series tomorrow. She was a former senior diplomat in Beijing and Hong Kong. She is now Visiting Professor, University of Sydney and Adjunct Professor, Western Sydney University.


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4 Responses to JOHN MENADUE. China Series

  1. Charles Lowe says:

    Like Evan,I too look forward to it. This is a hugely important contemporary debate.

    I have tried very hard indeed to find an avenue to contact John directly – to seek his permission for him to post an article that I have found completely intellectually compatible with those he approves and publishes. Regrettably, I have failed.

    This contribution is, of course, subject to his approval.

    I trust John will approve it – not least because I also trust he comes to hold the same respect for it that I do.

    Here goes:

  2. J.Donegan says:

    A very descriptive and pertinent comment Jim. A timely reminder of the pervasive awfulness, so, well done and thank you.

  3. Jim KABLE says:

    Looking forward to this series and will alert academic Chinese friends to this – as a counter to the lies and slants emanating from the US through their LNP/ALP buddies and so-called mainstream media outlets here (including ABC News).

    When this current government stops its nastiness towards Indigenous Australians (The NT Intervention/continuing Deaths in Custody/other policies negatively impacting on First Nations peoples) and its dreadful policies towards asylum-seekers (misery, torture, inhumane restrictions – viz Australian Story last night) murders – thanks to on-water-matters Morrison and au-pair Dutton – and other inequities (support for religious bodies to discriminate against difference/for paedophiles such as Pell – and why is the suppository-of-wisdom visiting him in his gaol cell?) and look after our greatest Australians (Julian Assange) caught up in the fury of a “great-and-powerful friend” caught in its own murderous headlights of wars-for-oil – then we might be able to point our fingers once more in outrage at the human rights abuses of other lands. But not before.

  4. Evan Hadkins says:

    Looking forward to it.

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