John Menadue. Cricket and the sound of summer.

Dec 31, 2015

For me, the most memorable comment of the cricket season so far has been by Steve Smith, the Australian captain, explaining that the VB logo on their jackets wasn’t really advertising alcohol. It was only ‘branding’.

I notice that he is now promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I am waiting for his explanation of how that helps combat obesity.

A sad feature of the current season was the untimely death of Phillip Hughes. There was much public sympathy from the players. It was surprising that they did not fund a memorial foundation. They could afford to. In 2014 out top five players had salaries of over $20 m between them.

But the best cricket writing of the year was Geoff Lemon in his piece ‘Just not cricket – how Channel 9 is destroying a legacy’.  for his story about Slats, Heals, Tubby, Binga eta al, see link below.

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