John Menadue. Fairness, Opportunity and Security – Filling the policy vacuum

Feb 14, 2015

I sense that there is great public concern that both the government and opposition keep playing the political and personal game at the expense of informed public discussion of important policy issues.

We have become concerned about the trustworthiness of our political, business and media elite. Insiders and vested interests are undermining the public interest. Money is unduly influencing political decisions. There is gridlock on important issues like climate change and taxation.

After a near death experience Tony Abbott has said the he is open to new thinking and ways of governing. ‘Good government begins today’  Time will tell. Bill Shorten has said that 2015 will be the year of ideas. I hope so.

In this blog over the next few months I will be posting a series of articles on important policy issues. I posted a three parter on health policy on January 27, 28 and 29.

There will be range of contributors.Some  have contributed in the past to this blog

Each of the policy articles will be about 2000 words. They will not be “pie in the sky’ but realistic, given our political and financial constraints.

It is planned that these policy articles will be published in a book by ATF Press in October/November this year

Policy areas to be canvassed

Economic policy

Fixing the budget




Job creation and participation

Foreign policy

Security, both military and soft power.


 Development of our human capital in the fields of education, science, research and development and innovation.

Transport and infrastructure


Welfare priorities

Retirement incomes

Indigenous affairs

Communications and the Arts

Environment and climate change


Role of government including tackling corruption and bad behaviour

Democratic renewal – the lack of trust in government and the hollowing out of our political parties.

Terrorism and internal security whilst protecting of our freedoms


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